This game contains loud noises,
and lots of jumpscares

This game is a Fan-game

Avoid all the animatronics to survive

Use Mouse to move

You can't leave the room

FNaF Solo Official


FNaF Solo

Like other FNaF versions, the most important thing you need to do in FNaF Solo is to try to survive after all the animatronics' attacks. But FNaF Solo has one special point. While animatronics in FNaF games often lurk in the shadows and slowly approach to threaten you, monsters in FNaF Solo will thrust into you in the fastest way to catch and make you scared till death. Therefore, you must do your best to avoid all animatronics. And you can't leave the room. Their speed will increase after each night. Currently, there are five nights in FNaF Solo with various animatronics and jumpscares. A few images in game:

Your room
Night & time
Animatronics night 1
Animatronics night 2
Animatronics night 3
Animatronics night 4
Animatronics night 5